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We are all gearing up for and looking forward to a great 2015. This year calls for a continuation of 2014’s successes, and some new resolutions to propel us even more forward. One great way to fuel progress it is to make sure YOU are a well-oiled, maintained machine. Our bio-tip? Invest a bit in… Read more »

welcome to brooklyn, Home Stories!

An oasis in Brooklyn.  A beautiful home store with a refreshing approach.  Paul and Sophie, the owners, are clients of ours who have an amazing aesthetic culled from their experience in European furniture design and interiors…and brought to our doorstep in their showroom shop on Montague. Sophie and I caught up today, and chatted about… Read more »

Question: What organic oil is TEN times stronger than DEET?

Answer: CATNIP. Catnip is our answer to mosquitoes this summer.  We spent the last year on a quest to find the most powerful organic weapon, and found it.  And it was not easy.  Catnip is very hard to source, but we secured exclusive quantities, and are formulating unique combinations of it with other amazing oils… Read more »


Spring is finally ALMOST here. Three steps to kick off a great season are: Wash winter off your windows Revive rugs and carpets Protect against pests, especially the ones that ruin outdoor fun! We are very, very happy with the evolution of our outdoor mosquito control service.  It’s better.  More affordable.  Want to hear more… Read more »

13 days till the holiday season starts.

Want to make the easiest and mostest of the season?  Check out some of our go-to solutions below… Need a great , simple, stylish dress?  Go to MEG.  358 Atlantic between Hoyt and Bond.  Meg has been one of my personal faves for years.  Her pieces are easy to wear, modern and chic. Want to… Read more »

Non-toxic stain protection? Is that even possible…

Yes!  We found it.  Non-toxic stain protection for your carpets.  Rugs.  Drapes.  And upholstery. Having a party?  Protect your stuff against wine spills. Got a pet?  Protect your stuff against any accidents. Yummy greasy food dropped?  No worries. We have a great stain protector that does not contain any fluorocarbons or silicone.  It works on… Read more »


Biomonde not only loves its wonderful Brooklyn clients…but also supports the Brooklyn Francophone immigrant communities from Les Antilles to Africa.  Johnny and Nicole spend most of their weekends finding ways to support them, help them, and encouraging them. Do these worlds meet sometimes?  Yes! Our clients are amazing at supporting sustainability by recycling and re-purposing… Read more »

Looking for great cocktails? Biomonde recommends Jolie Cantina!

Biomomde is green because we care.   And we care to share with you what makes this community special, and the things that we love. Give your friends and family a good time during your holiday . Share a Jolie moment! If you have friends and family in town (Brooklyn), and want to grab something… Read more »