Biomonde not only loves its wonderful Brooklyn clients…but also supports the Brooklyn Francophone immigrant communities from Les Antilles to Africa.  Johnny and Nicole spend most of their weekends finding ways to support them, help them, and encouraging them.

Do these worlds meet sometimes?  Yes! Our clients are amazing at supporting sustainability by recycling and re-purposing their used effects such as electronics, furniture, clothes, etc.  Biomonde supports these efforts by placing these items in the hand of needy families from Mali, Haiti, Senegal, Guinea, etc.

Real life scenario: Johnny and his wife are currently helping a refugee family from Mali.  Both husband and wife are in school for English and want to learn more about computers.  What would be more awesome for them than to get a used computer?  Thanks to one our clients this became a reality…and now the wife is learning how to type and basic word processing, and the husband is progressing in his computer studies.   Sustainability and Charity!