Mosquito Control

non-toxic mosquito control.

Want to eat outside this summer?  Hang out in the backyard?  Mosquitos are our newest pest scourge, and rob us of our summer fun. We control and reduce their presence with a regular abatement program using organic products and practices. We are  pioneers in this service field, and are continually researching  the latest breakthroughs  in efficient safe products and techniques.

Mosquitos kill more people than any other species (second killer is human).  We have been studying the growing mosquito infestation trend in brooklyn over the last 4 years, and  launched this service in response 2 years ago.  We have a lot of learnings, and partner with other communities in florida and louisiana to learn from their successes in controlling and abating their populations.  Concerned residents and neighborhoods are joining forces to protect their premises with our service.  We offer consulations at no charge to walk you through options and pricing.