Question: What organic oil is TEN times stronger than DEET?

Answer: CATNIP.

Catnip is our answer to mosquitoes this summer.  We spent the last year on a quest to find the most powerful organic weapon, and found it.  And it was not easy.  Catnip is very hard to source, but we secured exclusive quantities, and are formulating unique combinations of it with other amazing oils like eucalyptus and citronella.

And thats not all – we called in some friends for reinforcements.   We are working closely with neighborhood based Flosgardens (and other landscapers) to develop a two prong strategy: planting anti- mosquito plants (like lavender) and weekly spraying uber bio-repellents like catnip oil.

Are you ready to enjoy your outdoors?  We are always in the area and will stop by to walk thru and customize a strategy for you and your neighbors.   Let us enjoy summer 2014…outdoors!