Natura Water: The Sustainable Answer to the Pellegrino Problem

I just ran into the coolest product.  While eating lunch in La Scala, downtown San Francisco, I really wanted a glass of white wine to accompany my mushroom pizza, but instead ordered sparkling water (was working that day).   The waiter returned with a beautiful glass bottle of sparkling water, a brand I had never seen – Natura.  As I sipped this delicious sparkling water, I gradually forgot my original craving for white wine.

When it came time to wrap up lunch, I half-jokingly asked the waiter if I could keep the bottle – I could definitely see it in my house with flowers.  Once he was done laughing at my request, he explained that Natura water is a sustainable beverage program that provides the highest quality sparkling and flat water, without the disposable bottles.  No waste.  No glass garbage.  No petroleum based packages.  I realized that I just experienced one of the coolest products – both sustainable and luxurious at the same time.  Natura is a filtration system that provides Pellegrino style water, in reusable, beautiful, stylish glass decanters.  I had to ask myself – why had I not seen this before?

Hat’s off to Natura water – we want to see you in every restaurant and hotel we frequent!