Greening Our Brooklyn Homes and Schools for Our Kids

We at biomonde are very committed to the insuring the healthiest environments for all, but most importantly for our children.  Keeping their surroundings as non-toxic as possible is actually a very easy, inexpensive thing to do.  We found success in a simple, three-tier approach.  Our goal is for every home and school in Brooklyn to do this:


…and rest assured that the air our kids’ breathe in daily is good for them.  If we happen to find a problem, we know how to fix it for you – no worries!


The EPA has only one green disinfectant registered strong enough to kill the H1N1 virus on surfaces – Pure Green 24.  It kills the deadliest of superbugs, household germs, and is safe enough to be used on kids’ toys!  The best part is that it has a 24-hour residual effectiveness, making it the safest and healthiest surface protection available.  We distribute it in San Diego.


Swap out your noxious cleaning products for green cleaning products (we know the good ones!).  What we spray in the air to clean affects our indoor air quality and the presence of chemicals in the home.  Even our carpets should be green cleaned.  Carpet fibers trap and release dust, dirt, and germs into the air, and should be routinely cleaned with non-toxic detergents.  Call us for a free estimate to green clean your carpet and windows.  Another bonus to regular carpet cleaning – this care extends the life of your floor coverings, saving you money in the end!

None of these sustainable services are expensive.  All of them are worth it for our children.  Call us, we’ll come by and introduce ourselves…all of our estimates are free of charge!