Giving Your Brooklyn Property Management Company the Competitive Edge with Affordable Green Services

Property managers are some of the hardest working people we know.  And we know a quite a few.  Sixty percent of our business is with property management companies in Brooklyn Heights.   They care for over 100 buildings, both residential and commercial.  We hear their phones ringing non-stop, fielding client requests, handling emergencies, the list goes on, and on.

Our goal is to be their strongest partner.  Our goal is to help them maintain buildings in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.  Our goal is to give them a competitive edge.  How so?

Green maintenance services.  The building carpets have to be cleaned.  Clean them green.  The windows need washing.  Wash them green.  Light bulbs need changing.  Change them green.  We provide the services needed to maintain buildings, at affordable prices and without sacrificing sustainability.  This is nothing new for us.

We have over 15 years of green maintenance experience.  We were green even before it became the thing to do.  Using green cleaning products, energy efficient bulbs, special homemade cleaning solutions to clean windows, and more.  And we don’t cost more than the next guy.

That is the competitive edge we provide.  Letting your clients know you provide green maintenance, the best option for their health.

Give us a buzz, we will give you a free, green estimate.