Biomonde – Brooklyn’s greenest maintenance service provider for the last thirteen years is happy to announce the relocation of its main office back to Brooklyn from San Diego!

We spent the last two years based in San Diego studying green products and practices, like the exciting green pest control field.  We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality maintenance services in Brooklyn, but now we can say we offer the greenest services also!  Why so?

Biomonde green pest control: we hate pests, you hate pests.  We all hate toxic chemicals.  How can we get rid of our pests without using harsh chemical products?  The answer:  green pest control.  Using some of nature’s most powerful non-toxic substances to get rid of those little guys without endangering you and your family’s environment. Sounds like something you want to hear a little more about?  Give us a buzz for a free consultation.

Biomonde carpet cleaning: we have over twenty years of experience cleaning carpets, and are specially trained to care for the most luxurious fibers and fabrics.  Our green market research led us to the most effective eco-detergents available – and we use them at no extra cost to our clients.

Biomonde window washing: not only do we offer the best, streak-free window washing in the neighborhood, but we mix our own signature green window cleaner.  We make it from scratch so that the fewest toxins are involved, but the windows sparkle!

We love Brooklyn and our clients here!  Our green maintenance services are the affordable answer to you and your family’s health!