Q: Which household pest can cause electrical fires, spread disease, and have 50 babies in one year?

A: Mice

It’s mice season right now.  They are in nesting mode, and setting up shop indoors.  Why is this of concern to our community?

It’s not just their squeaking or darting around that annoys us.  Mice are small, but can cause big damage.  Costly damage. How?  Their gnawing.  They gnaw on our wood trim. Costly to replace.  They gnaw on our electrical wires.  Causes malfunctions, and can result in electrical fires.

They also cause disease from salmonella to meningitis and dermatitis.  And if that is not enough – once they move it, they rapidly reproduce…and can have up to 50 babies in one year.

Small in size.  Big in trouble.  And Biomonde will beat them for you – how?

Our secret to success comes in 3 parts:

  • sanitize the home
  • mouse-proof the home
  • reduce the population (using non-toxic products only)
So far – we have had great success, and we are committed to staying on top of them to protect your health and hearth!