BIOMONDE BROOKLYN GREEN PEST CONTROL: really bad news for bugs, and good news for your family’s health!

There are two things we work hard to keep out of our homes: toxic chemicals and pests.  In our quest against pests, we allow exterminators to use toxic pesticides that are causing grave health dangers. “We are paying a heavy price for the continued use of carcinogenic and estrogen-mirroring substances, that have been linked to breast cancer and autism”, quotes Dr. Ben Oldag, agricultural radio talk show host, and senior entomologist.  The reality is: children exposed to indoor pesticides are three to seven more times likely to develop cancer.  Vapors from pesticides remain indoors for weeks and months after application.  Imagine the toxic build-up when they are sprayed every month!  In light of this, what other option do we have?

Green pest management: using 100% natural, organic pest control products. We at Biomonde have researched the market and found the best products available. The strongest. Most highly effective.  But do they really work?  The fact is: these 100% natural products not only eliminate pests, but in some cases like flea, mosquito and bed bug control, they work even better than their chemical counterparts!  See our video about green pest control.

Need another reason to make the switch to green?  How about the fact that that most pesticides don’t even work.  According to leading entomologists: fleas, ticks, and bed bugs in North America have grown immune to chemical pesticide treatments promoted by local and national exterminators.

You are probably wondering, what makes green pest control so effective?  What is the star ingredient?  It is nature’s own powerful insect repellent- cedar oil.  People have used it for over 1,000 years already, from ancient Egypt to the Native Americans. Sounds simple, huh?  Concentrated cedar oil formulations are second to none, tested and proven by Iowa State University and endorsed by the USDA as the number one choice pesticide.  Proven far superior to any chemical counterpart available when used for control of indoor and outdoor pest management.  Pests do not develop immunity against nature’s number one defender.

How does it operate?

  • It kills / repels the existing insect population. (termites, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas, etc)
  • It eliminates the next generation of insects by interrupting the egg layer cycle.
  • It creates a barrier of re-entry, deterring migrating insects. Mosquito and fly, known as perpetual egg layers, are immediately controlled.

What is the best reason to make the switch?  Our children, who are very sensitive to toxic pesticide exposure at home and school as it affects their neurological, respiratory, and immune systems. The EPA, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Public Health Association have all voiced their concerns about the dangers these chemicals pose to our children.  Making the switch to green pest control will not cost you more than you already spend, will deliver superior results, and will benefit your health and environment.