ANSWER: Five services.  Five ways to make your live easier.

white glove carpet, rug, upholstery, and drapery cleaning.  organic and non-toxic soaps and detergents lift and remove difficult stains and spots.  protect your furnishings with non-toxic stain protection.
organic, non-toxic pest control.  we successfully treat mice, ants, roaches, moths, waterbugs.  our natural approach combines powerful non-toxic products and techniques.  we are proud to offer an alternative for you to the traditional chemical services.


brooklyn’s brownstones and buildings deserve windows that sparkle and shine.   white glove service and customs blended organic cleaning products.  the results – amazing.

the newest addition to our roster – seasonal mosquito control.  an all natural, non-toxic barrier sprayed around your home and yard to help reduce the presence of this not only annoying, but dangerous pest.   this service is exclusive to brooklyn – enjoy your summer!


if you have a brownstone – this service was created specially for you.  monthly cleaning of your stoop, door polished, and ground floor window exteriors cleaned.   your home ALWAYS looks its best.


Let us make your life a little better and easier!