We launched our Brooklyn mosquito control service three summers ago, and are excited that it continues to grow and expand every year. We currently service Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Fort Greene and Park Slope communities.

Over the last few summers, we observed and studied the mosquito problem in Brooklyn, including the varying species present, identified what areas have greater infestations, and what combination of control methods truly make an impact. Every summer we have made refinements and improvements to our service, and with great results.

In preparation for this summer season, our technicians (including Biomonde founder Johnny Falco) attended seminars and workshops on the latest advances in mosquito control. Johnny received specialized training in New Orleans and Florida, where they have been very successful at controlling their mosquito populations. The key to their success? Due to the acute mosquito problem in the South, control is government sponsored, treating all neighborhoods, and leading to very effective results.

NYC has not yet opted for this type of broad measure, and until then we are happy to offer a private option that is both organic and effective. And even better is when neighbors work together to make their areas as inhospitable to mosquitos as possible. Looking forward to a very fun outdoors – Summer 2015!